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What are bolted steel tanks?

Bolted steel tanks are a convenient storage solution for either liquids or dry goods, such as water, sand, mud, or cereal grains. They are constructed from individual steel panels that are manufactured and finished at an enclosed facility, then transported to the site and bolted together using the appropriate gaskets and fasteners for the product that will be stored. Unlike conventional concrete or welded storage solutions, which require extensive fabrication and finishing processes onsite, bolted tanks offer quick installation, lower shipping costs, and they can be assembled in nearly any type of weather, eliminating many weather-related delays.

Bolted tanks are extremely versatile and can be used in many industrial, commercial, residential, municipal and rural applications. They can be assembled from a variety of materials, such as powder-coated, galvanized or stainless steel, and they are available in a wide range of dimensions that allow them to be customized to fit a project's specific requirements. They offer a durable, leak-free storage solution that is quick to install, easy to maintain and an economical alternative to other tank designs.

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What types of contents are they used for?

By using the appropriate materials and finishes for the individual tank sections, along with the proper gaskets and fasteners for the product that will be stored, bolted steel tanks can be custom-manufactured to store just about any material, including:

  • Dry goods, such as sand for concrete plants or drilling mud
  • Waste for manufacturing plants, water treatment or cleaning purposes
  • Water or foam for fire suppression and emergency services
  • Potable water for municipal or private water systems, or for emergency storage
  • Non-potable water for irrigation or manufacturing purposes
  • Wastewater from industrial processes or for municipal treatment
  • Food products, such as drinking water, milk, orange juice, liquid ingredients, grains or powdered ingredients for storage or manufacturing purposes

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What are the advantages over other tank types?

Bolted steel tanks are extremely versatile, and offer several advantages over competing tank designs like concrete, welded steel, plastics or composites. Some of the most important benefits include:

  • Numerous Applications: Bolted steel tanks can be used in just about any industrial, commercial, residential or rural application, from small manufacturing facilities and municipal water systems, to full-scale frac sand plants and beyond. They meet or exceed multiple industry specifications, including AWWA, NFPA, API, and FM Global. Tanks designed for potable water meet EPA and USDA requirements.
  • Flexible Sizing: With tank dimensions that are extremely flexible, bolted steel tanks can be customized to meet the capacity and installation requirements of any project, and overcome site limitations.
  • Expansion Possibilities: Bolted tanks can often be expanded to meet increased storage requirements, without the costs associated with adding a second tank.
  • Easy to Repair: When a part or accessory on a bolted steel tank fails, it can easily be unbolted and replaced, unlike other tanks, which require extensive labor to repair.
  • Factory Finished: The sections of a bolted steel tank are manufactured and finished offsite, reducing installation labor, waste, and pollution, as well as weather delays during construction.
  • Reduced Shipping Costs: Bolted steel tanks are shipped disassembled, reducing shipping volume and costs.
  • Faster Installation: Bolted steel tanks require about one third the installation time of a welded tank, reducing labor costs and allowing the tank to be put into service faster.

How are bolted steel tanks installed?

  • APRIL 29, 2016
    [Published by Gulf Coast Tanks & Construction]

    First, a subtitle foundation must be installed. The land is cleared at the installation site and graded to create a level surface. Then sand or crushed rock are brought in and compacted to create a suitable pad for installation, or to create a suitable surface for a concrete ring wall foundation or a full concrete slab. Once the foundation is complete, the panel sections are shipped to the site, where an installation team assembles the sections a layer at a time, placing the gaskets at the appropriate locations and bolting each section to the adjacent ones. Finally, the roof is added, along with any required fittings, such as valves or manhole covers.

  • July 14, 2016
    [Published by Gulf Coast Tanks & Construction]

    Will installing bolted steel tanks save me money?

    A variety of industries utilize bulk storage tanks to store their dry goods and raw liquids. The most popular of these storage tank options, and the one that will save you money, is the bolted steel tank. And here’s how:

    • Reduced shipping costs.  Concrete and welded steel storage tanks both require multiple large shipments that can really add up. In contrast, bolted steel tanks are manufactured in modular sections that can often be sent on just one truck.
    • Reduced installation time.  Labor costs and the time cost of overseeing an installation is always a concern when buying construction materials like storage tanks. But with bolted steel tanks, all components are manufactured and finished off-site, significantly reducing the on-site installation time. Simply create a cleared site for the foundation, and the bolting of the pre-manufactured sections can be quickly begun and completed.
    • Reduced repair costs. The savings just continue with bolted steel tanks! Whereas the repair of concrete or welded steel tanks require the specialty removal of large sections by skilled personnel, bolted steel tank repair can be done by most anyone with knowledge of a socket wrench. Its modular design allows sections to be easily unbolted, removed, and its replacement promptly installed. This equates to both reduced labor costs and again less of a disruption to normal business hours.


  • September 14, 2016
    [Published by Gulf Coast Tanks & Construction]

    Do you have bolted steel tanks sized to meet my needs?

    One of the biggest advantages of bolted steel tanks is that they can be cost-efficiently manufactured to meet just about any size. The most popular sizes range in storage capacities from just a couple thousand gallons to several million. What size you order will largely depend on what’s being stored and for what usage. For example, a rural resident looking simply for excess water storage will find that a smaller capacity tank will do just fine, while an industrial site needing to store chemicals or wastewater will likely require much larger bolted steel tanks.

    However, it’s important to consider size isn’t just about capacity, but also about how that capacity sits. Bolted steel storage tanks can be manufactured into a variety of designs to match the space where it needs to be installed. For example, some customers might require a cylindrical tank that has a small base diameter while another customer is more concerned about outfitting appropriate roofing for protection. All these demands can be readily met with the flexible sizing of bolted steel tanks.

  • October 21, 2016
    [Published by Gulf Coast Tanks & Construction]

    How Pre-Finished Bolted Steel Tanks Benefit You

    One of the biggest benefits of bolted steel tanks is that they come in pre-finished sections. These sections are all manufactured at an off-site, environmentally-controlled facility. Meaning, all of the metalwork, surface coatings, and refinishing products are done within a safe, regulated environment with minimal pollution and waste involved.

    These coatings include silica and virconium liquid seals as well as epoxy powder coating requiring very specific mixing instructions and climate-controlled application. Having these applied off-site with pre-finished bolted steel tanks enables you to rest assured that you’re only getting the highest quality products.


  • Gulf Coast Tank & Construction

    Required a Larger Water Tank for Our Development

    Your Team Offered the Best Solution

    “When we first started the development, a small tank on our shared well was fine. After adding more tracts, we needed a larger tank, and bolted steel tanks were perfect, because they offer the opportunity for future expansion.”

    Steve S.
    Date Published : April 23, 2016
  • Gulf Coast Tank & Construction

    Our Old Tank Sprung a Leak

    GCT Installed a New Tank Quickly

    “Our old welded tank was beyond repair. The Team at Gulf Coast Tank installed a new 70,000 gallon water tank quickly, minimizing downtime at our manufacturing plant.”

    Tom Y.
    Date Published : April 23, 2016

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