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Top of the line materials mean tanks last longer and need less maintenance over time.

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Our dedicated and safe installation team completes your installation on time, every time.

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Project management and sales staff are on hand to answer all your questions and deliver worry free solutions and top-notch customer care.

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We have the flexibility to offer a wide variety of tanks to any job site.

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How many different types of steel water tanks can I choose from?

There are several types to choose from, including:
• Welded steel storage tanks
• Corrugated storage tanks with a liner
• Bolted storage tanks

GCT offers bolted storage tanks because they offer the following advantages:
• We can produce them with less pollution and waste than other forms of steel water tanks.
• These tanks assemble very quickly, which means they can start working for you a lot faster.
• Bolted storage tanks offer unparalleled installation flexibility.
• They are easy to maintain and repair.
• Bolted storage tanks are inexpensive to ship.

We do not offer any other kinds of storage tanks because we do not feel their advantages outpace the advantages of bolted storage tanks. If you'd like to see what our bolted storage tanks look like, just click here. We'll take you on a whirlwind tour which covers several of our water tank projects.

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How do I know what size water tank I will need?

Much depends on the water demand, as well as pressure requirements. Much will also depend upon what you plan on using the tank for. Your GCT representative can help you determine the right tank for your needs.

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How long does it take to install a steel water tank?

While our bolted storage tanks do assemble quickly and are not impacted by the weather like other tanks are, the answer is, "it depends." The following variables can impact installation times:
• Tank size
• The type of support or structure

Your GCT rep will give you a realistic installation time after evaluating all of these factors. However, we can tell you that our construction times are some of the fastest in the industry. We think you'll be very pleased with our timelines. We've also got 75 years of experience, during which time we have never missed a deadline.

With that being said, our advice would be to call us and schedule a tank installation as soon as you know you need one. This will give you plenty of time to meet your own project goals, regardless of the variables involved.


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    This was the fastest water tank installation I'd ever seen.

    GCT is now my go-to provider for steel water tanks.

    "Not only were they fast, but the system itself was one of the best I'd ever seen, and their customer service was second-to-none."

    Hank R.
    Date Published : October 25, 2016
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    These guys take pride in their work.

    I was super impressed by their care and professionalism throughout the water tank installation process.

    "Their dedication, attention to detail and pride in their work really shines through."

    Jack D.
    Date Published : June 09, 2016

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