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Gulf Coast Tanks & Construction begins adding value to your project from your first contact with us. Our storage tanks are built using the highest quality steel and accessories, and are built by our safe and highly efficient crews nationwide.

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Quality materials, unrivaled experience & expertise, and competitive pricing are all aspects that make Gulf Coast Tank & Construction a leader in the storage tank industry.

Gulf Coast Tank is the best in the business! I have dealt with numerous tank suppliers and installers on previous projects and I can honestly say that this last project with GCT was the best I've ever been involved in. Thanks to Jamie and his crews we were able to focus our efforts on other portions of the project while the tanks were going up without issue. They not only installed in a safe manner in a timely manner but the pride they took was realized when it came time to do the leak test without issue. Gulf Coast Tanks will be my preferred contractor for any future projects. Dan Koxlien, Northern Frac Proppants
Thank you for the great work that your team did for Lyness on the installation of the 10 Silo Sand Tanks at the Halliburton Elmendorf Sand Plant. Your company adhered to our primary schedule and when it came time to step up to the plate, your company worked a grueling 7 day a week schedule in order for Lyness to finish on time. Sam Blount, Lyness Construction

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5 Advantages of Using Bolted Tanks for Municipal Water Systems

Posted by Gulf Coast Tanks & Construction



Municipal water systems in urban or suburban areas must be able to reliably supply hundreds, thousands or even millions of homes and businesses with clean water at an affordable cost. In order to meet the capacity and pressure demands, especially during peak periods, they often include water storage tanks to act as a buffer between the consumers and the water source, which could be a well, reservoir, lake or river. This…


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